Dream AR


DreamAR is an application that allows users to create and share their dreams in an augmented way. The dreams are represented by the floating bubbles on the screen.

My role

This is a project for the course of Mixed Reality.

Collaborator: Xize Li, Hung Lac
My responsibilities are concept, user research, app interface design, ThreeJS development

Tools and technologies

The application is built on Argon 2 platform.
The bubbles on the screen are threejs objects.
Geospots feature is used to place the content on the screen

The application is being used at the King Center which is located on Auburn Ave, Atlanta, GA.
Visitors at the King Center can use the application to share their dreams.

The app is dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr., the man with a dream who changed the world.

How it works?

Tap on [Home] to view the dreams

Tap on the [Dream] to enlarge it

[Find] dreams by categories

Tap on [Create] to input your dream

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How did we come up with this idea ?

First, a Comparative review was done to analyze existing Augumented Reality products.

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Then we brainstormed some ideas and did some field studies. We decide to focus our project on The King Center because:

- Martin Luther King Jr. is the spirit of Auburn Avenue, the spirit of African American and the spirit of freedom

- The King Center is a very attractive spot which attracts different kinds of visitors (tourists, students, researchers, politicians and etc.)

- A large pool, live music and the walk of freedom creates an eternal spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.

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Early Stage Concept

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- A survey was created to collect data for analyzing the representational forms of the dreams.

- A narration method was used to get users’ feedback of the application.

The Future

The application can link to the database of the King Center.

The dreams can be shown by their time of creation, popularity or where the users come from.

The users can use the application anywhere on Auburn Ave.

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