Eagle (an eBay opensource project website)


Eagle is an eBay opesource project. It requires an introduction website which is designed to encourage exploration. It is loaded with links and navigation to different areas.

Time: June 2015 - July 2015

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My role

I've worked together with the PM on defining product direction and user interface requirements. I was responsible for low-res, high-res mockups, visual design, website coding & mobile version optimization. I also designed the logo & marking materials. 

Tools and technologies

Ideation: Pen & paper

Wireframes: Omnigraffle

Visual design: sketch

Website developement: HTML/CSS/JS/SVG


main item
main item

High resolution mocks

Option 1

main item

Option 2

main item

Responsively awesome

All pages were designed to work across all devices and screen sizes.

main item

Logos exploration & flyer

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