Competitive Analysis of eBay vs. Alibaba  |  PayPal vs. Alipay


I’m a loyal user of eBay/PayPal as well as Taobao/Alipay. When I used them, I identified a lot of problems from both sides in terms of user experience and common workflows. One day I showed some Alipay features to a PayPal design director,  He was very interested in that and asked me to write down my observations and share with them.

Some of the issues that I highlighted have been added into eBay selling team's 2015 annual plan.

Time: Aug. 2014

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My role

This is my individual work,  At the very beginning, I thought this was an easy thing and I could finish within a day or two. But soon I noticed that it turned out to be a large amount of work, for I had to test every detail of those websites and mobile apps. 

The most troublesome process was translation, mobile in particular, as I had to do a lot of screenshots and edit them in photoshop to replace Chinese with English manually.   

Tools and technologies

Research: Story-telling, Competitive Analysis. 

Collecting ideas: Evernote

Editing photos: Photoshop

Flip-book format: HTML/CSS/JS


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Buying on Taobao vs. eBay

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Selling on Taobao vs. eBay

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Alipay Mobile vs. PayPal Mobile

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Alipay Web vs. PayPal Web

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Author's Notes

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