Georgia Tech Kiosk


The project focused on issues related to digital signage with a special emphasis on the kiosk application. It provided in-building services such as lookup faculty and staff, room reservation and Building navigation (Sponsored by NTT). Right now those kiosks are serving thousands of students and staffs every day.

Time: 2011 - 2012

My role

Collaborators: Lan Wang and Brian Davidson.

This project was part of my GRA work at Geogia Tech. I developed this project from task analysis, function allocation, system layout and low-fidelity prototyping until the final release.

Tools and technologies

Research: Competitive Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough

Design: omnigraffle, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds Max

Development: HTML5/CSS3/JS/PHP

The kiosks are located in different floors of Georgia Tech Undergraduate Learning Commons.

Homepage with animated gif tutorial

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Domain Studies

We conducted a competitive analysis on existing kiosks to see how we can link them together and fill in some opportunity space.

We completed a literature review with interactive kiosks, interfacing with mobile devices, and "public security".

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User Study & Preliminary Design

We went to the building and conducted 27 interviews to ask students' needs and requirements. 

Then based on their suggestions, we did our first version mockups.

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Final Design & Prototype

We’ve gone through tons of iterations on refining the flows, navigation, interactions, and visuals based on users’ feedback and research suggestions.

Lookup faculty and staff

Students can look up individuals within the current building and outside the building. Once they find the information, they can transfer it from kiosk to their mobile phone by scanning the QR code, send message or email

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Navigate Building

Users can easily view each floor’s map and switch between them. The 3D model on the right highlighted the staircase location.

Also students can filter rooms by different categories like classrooms, breakout rooms, labs etc. It’s worth mentioning that they can view locations of today’s classes. Moreover, important locations such as restrooms, vending machines, Starbucks are extracted as shortcuts.

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Reserve a room

Student groups are allowed to reserve breakout rooms in advance. Thay can easily view which rooms can be reserved and make a reservation. Also students can filter rooms based on attendee number, meeting duration and amenities like LCDs, projector, video camera etc. 

Students can transfer the reservation information from kiosk to their mobile phone by scanning the QR code, send a message or email.

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Campus Navigation

Displayed a customized Google map navigation within buildings on campus. There are different color routes on map representing different bus - blue line, red line, green line.
Users can easily get real time bus information.

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