My Journey App


Myjourney is an IOS app which provides you with a gamification way to record everything that happened in the day via notes, voice and emoji.

You have an option to make it public and then share with a stranger community. If you are interested in, you can also view other’s moments and shower them with virtual diamonds.

June. 2015 - Present

My role

It is my fun project and it’s still on-going. The app is not in the AppStore right now but is almost finished and will be released soon.

I worked on ideation, wireframes, visual design, interactive prototype as well as some IOS swift development. While I am responsible for the design and UI development, my partner works on backend development.

Tools and technologies

Ideation: paper & pen

Wireframes & Visual Design: Sketch 

Clickable prototype: Invision 

IOS development: Swift, CloudKit
* We previously used Parse.js as back-end Service. However, since Facebook shut down it, we've been working hard to change it to CloudKit.

An Idea I couldn’t shake

I've always had a lot of ideas which could be used to make apps, but I lost interest in most of them after a while. My Journey, on the other hand, was an idea that I just couldn’t shake. 

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From ideas to concept

My projects always begin with sketching. I spent a long time drawing out the app interface using pencil and paper. I played around with a bunch of different design flows and interaction possibilities and I tossed out the ideas that didn’t seem optimal.

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After sketching and throwing away a bunch of approaches, I moved onto making wireframes. At this stage, I outlined the main structure and narrowed down the flow of the app.

I made a tremendous amount of wireframes to account for all the interactions of the app. Here are some selected screens to show the version evolution. 

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High-res mockups

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Drill down to details

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Design an App icon

 The App icon I ended up designing communicates what the app does, and it keep the icon colors and feel consistent with the app interface.

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Interactive Prototype

I used Invision to develop a click-through prototype to communicate the UI interactions, screen transitions, and key flows of the experience.

Move to IOS development

I started to learn Swift. I found a book named ”Design+Code" which really helped me learn the Xcode UI features to be able to create my iOS app. I also used the Spring Animation library. It added some life to my app's interactions.

After learning Swift, I was able to build the App UI and interaction using Swift. This was really a big achievement for me.

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Current Stage

This project is still on-going. The app is not in the App Store right now but is almost finished and will be released soon.

Now my partner is working really hard to migrate Parse to CloudKit, as Facebook recently shut down Parse Back-end Service.