Run Your Garden


With "Run Your Garden", users can automatically keep track of the amount of calories they burn.

It was a part of class project. Then we used it to join Convergence Innovation Competition, it became an honored project in 2012 CIC competition

Time Feb. 2013 - Apr. 2013

My role

Team work, worked with Yi Feng, Lan Wang, Jared Caldwell

My responsibilities: Concept, Ideation, Web & Android app visual design and Web fron-ending coding

Tools and technologies

Design: Photoshop, Illustrator

Development: Android app - Java, Web - HTML/CSS/JS, Google App Engine

Video: Final Cut Pro

With "Run Your Garden", users can automatically keep track of the amount of calories they burn.

As users burn more calories, they will earn calorie credits that can be used to buy plants. These plants are representative of the amount of calories you've burned during your workouts and your overall progress.


One of the most important aspects of working out effectively is keeping track of your progress. When you run on a treadmill for 30 minutes, and the only thing you have to show for it is less than expected number of calories burned, it's easy to lose track of progress and become discouraged.

We feel that if exercisers had a more exciting way of tracking their progress, fitness goals could be reached quicker and working out could become a more enjoyable experience.

How it works?

Android Native App: for tracking, recording user GPS data, and computing game logic. Users can setup wishing list before start a workout session, and share what they have earned to Facebook afterward. During a session, users will get a voice feedback notifying their new earned item once they have burnt enough calories for it.

Google App Engine: for storing user game data, and monitoring user activities. When users start a new session, the Android App will periodically send GPS data to backend server, the server then processes these data for the game.

Web browser: user can play the game with their friends, update their profile, view their history statistics.

Tracking Device

Login using Facebook account

See basic game UI for setting up goals (a wishing list) before workout

Compute the calories burnt and update the wishing list and push voice notification to user.

Post a screenshot of new earned items for the latest session to Facebook

main item
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main item

- Login using Facebook account

- Check your inventory list

- Drag the plants into suitable position of the virtual farm

- Check history data in Google Maps

- Userscan compare their exercising records with their friends