Smart Shopper


This Smart Shopper Application aims to enhance the grocery shopping experience of people with food allergies.

Time Range: Sep. 2012 - Dec. 2012

My role

This is a class project.
Collaborators: Xize Li, Sruthi Padala, Sahithya Baskaran

My responsibilities were concept, user research, app interface design, interactive prototype.

Tools and technologies

User Research: Individual Interviews, Personas, Online Surveys, Task Analysis, Think Aloud

Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds Max, Just in mind for prototyping

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Grocery labels are not easy to read and pose a challenge for people with food allergies, especially multiple allergies, to analyze ingredient information and choose the product that suits their needs the most.

Our Solution

Our system will try to make grocery shopping experience easier for the target user group by reading and analyzing labels for them and by compare different brands of similar products

User Research

First we conducted a Survey to understand common problems faced by our user group

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We also conducted interviews, to identify key issues and challenges faced by the users:

- It is time-consuming to read , analyse and verify information on the food labels to avoid allergen containing products.

- Do not know the scientific names of ingredients eg: 'lactose' means milk.

- Hard to compare between similar brands and make a selection decision.

Brainstorming and Ideation

With the above design implications in mind, we had brainstorming sessions and came up with several design ideas:

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Design Alternatives

After a couple of sessions, we narrowed are ideas down to two, presented them to our peers and received feedback:

Design Idea 1: Virtual cart - An Interactive screen ( Virtual or mounted on wall )

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Design Idea 2: Smart cart

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Application to search and browse through products suitable to saved personal profile, view detailed product information, locate products in a supermarket, compare products, create shopping lists and perform a self-checkout.


Browse: product screen shows the users the products available in a category and uses visual indicators to alert them of products containing allergens.

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Compare: the app also allows users to easily compare other nutritional values of products that are safe for them.

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Locate: users can also locate the product they want within the supermarket using the interactive map feature.

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Scan: users can also easily scan an item and have the nutritional information presented to them in a simple format.

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User Evaluation

The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the usability of the interface design, content design, information flow, and information architecture. Six users from our target group participated in the tests, Each individual session lasted approximately one hour. In general, all participants found the application to be useful, learnable, consistent and reliable.

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Ratings by participants on several usability aspects.
Each participant is represented by a unique color.

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